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5G and Beyond

NTIA’s Institute for Telecommunications Services, the Nation’s Spectrum and Communications Lab, supports the Department of Defense 5G Initiative through a combination of its subject matter experts in 5G and its research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) laboratory infrastructure in Boulder, Colorado, including the Advanced Communications Test Site at the Table Mountain Radio Quiet Zone. Fifth generation wireless technologies (5G) play a critical role in connecting the nation, promoting economic development, and closing the digital divide.

NTIA also hosts the 5G Challenge, which is intended to help accelerate the adoption of 5G open interfaces, interoperable subsystems, and multi-vendor solutions by fostering a large, vibrant, and growing vendor community dedicated to advancing 5G interoperability towards true plug-and-play operation.

Below you will find links to articles, videos, and other resources that will help you navigate your way through 5G and beyond.

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NTIA Launches RFC on the Advancement of 6G Telecommunications Technology

On May 21, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) launched a request for comment on how U.S. government policies can support the development of next-generation 6G technology.

Secure and reliable communications services are vital to U.S. economic competitiveness and national security. The wireless industry is beginning to plan for the development of 6G, and the U.S. has already joined like-minded partners in establishing joint principles to shape the future of this technology.

NTIA’s new Request for Comment (RFC) seeks input to inform future U.S. government engagement in support of 6G development and deployment.

5G Resources and Guidance